ASHOKA Ranks Sixth in the World of TOP 500 NGO’s

July 12, 2016

Arlington, Va, - The fourth edition of the Top 500 NGOs World was published June 23, 2016, by NGO Advisor, an independent media company based in Geneva in order to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the sector and highlighting the strongest innovation, impact and governance in the nonprofit sector. Ashoka: Innovators for the Public was ranked number 6 moving up from last year’s position at 19. Ashoka is the world’s largest collection of social entrepreneurs working in 84 countries around the world.  

According to the NGO Advisor website the NGOs in this year’s ranking are more influential, more powerful, and more innovative than ever before. With 89 new entrants to the list, and thus 89 NGOs leaving the list, this edition reflects the broader evolution of the nonprofit sector as well as the issues faced by global civil society from the local level to the transnational level.  The company, currently chaired by Jean-Christophe Nothias, works with a team of researchers who evaluate leading organizations with a goal of serving as a lens to bring the transformations of the NGO sector into focus and to magnify the evolving range of nonprofit values.     

“The Ashoka Fellows, staff, and partners – our “team of teams” --  working in more than 84 countries around the world engage in systems changing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.” said Diana Wells, President of Ashoka.  “We are grateful for this recognition of their work as they continue to build an everyone a changemaker world where all young people will grow up with the skills of leadership, teamwork, empathy and changemaking.”

Root Capital, an organization led by Ashoka Fellow Willie Foote, was named number 18 on the list.  Other leading organizations were BRAC, listed as number one, followed by Medicins de Frontiers, Skoll, Danish Refugee Council and Oxfam.

According to NGO Advisor, in the last ten years, NGOs have moved further and further from their origins as charity businesses and expanded into an increasingly diverse range of activities. Nonprofits are investing in social enterprise, cultivating academic expertise, and finding strategic ways to address urgent development crises around the world. The fourth edition highlights the evolving values of the sector as a whole, as nonprofits shift away from older strategies of playing to investors and instead focus on producing tangible results.

About  NGO Advisor

NGO Advisor is a Geneva-based independent media organization that produces the Top 500 NGOs, a series of reviews of the best non-profit organizations from around the world. Currently on the fourth edition, NGO Advisor is unique in publishing such a ranking. They combine sound journalism with comprehensive research to highlight innovation, impact, and governance in the nonprofit sector.

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About Ashoka

Ashoka is leading the way to an "Everyone a Changemaker" World. As the world's largest network of changemakers and social innovators with more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs in 84 countries, Ashoka aims to bring about large-scale social change. Ashoka supports innovators to get started, grow their ideas, collaborate, reshape whole systems and influence societal transformation. Founded in 1980 with the belief that the most powerful force in the world is a big idea in the hands of an entrepreneur, Ashoka applies insights from the world's leading social entrepreneurs to set in motion profound societal transformation. Current insights indicate that our rapidly changing world calls for an "Everyone a Changemaker" world, one where every person practices the critical skills of empathy, teamwork, leadership and changemaking.  For more information on Ashoka, please visit Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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