Our Partners

Ashoka has forged strategic partnerships with leading global companies, to provide management, communications, finance, and other expertise to the citizen sector. In turn, Ashoka and its vast network share knowledge and opportunities with business partners, expanding the horizons of these pioneering businesses and the people who work for them.

Together, our strategic partners support Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs in tens of countries, delivering millions of dollars of consulting services each year. But the partnerships’ true value is in enabling the flow of talent and resources between business and citizen sectors, accelerating innovation so that both sectors can solve their most pressing problems.

Ashoka’s strategic partners include McKinsey & Company, Corporate Executive Board and Latham and Watkins. Please learn more here about how we leverage partnerships with other leading companies and organizations to further our mission and scale social innovation.

Ashoka is constantly building collaborative partnerships with leading global organizations to provide its partners an opportunity to engage with the citizen sector. Ashoka will work collaboratively with you to design these creative partnerships. To learn more, check out ways to become our partner.


Ashoka and McKinsey & Company, the world’s leading management consulting firm, created the first Center for Social Entrepreneurship together in 1996, based in Brazil. The two organizations now share offices and expertise in several countries. McKinsey consultants provide pro bono management services to Ashoka Fellows, strengthening institutional capacity and training social entrepreneurs to write business plans, make effective presentations, and market their work. Ashoka in turn creates opportunities for transformative experiences and impact to McKinsey and its clients. This year, Ashoka and McKinsey launched an integrated Business Plan Competition in 7 Latin American countries, involving over 150 McKinsey consultants and drawing over 1600 applications from citizen organizations.

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CEB is the leading member-based advisory company. By combining the best practices of thousands of member companies with our advanced research methodologies and human capital analytics, we equip senior leaders and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations.

CEB offers comprehensive data analysis, research and advisory services that align to executive leadership roles and empower clients to focus efforts, move quickly, and address emerging and recurring business challenges with confidence. CEB has provided outstanding pro bono services to Ashoka and Ashoka programs and Ashoka Fellows, including lending leadership and insight to our global Measuring Effectiveness survey of Ashoka Fellows.

Firm values drive growth at CEB. With a goal of an impactful global philanthropy program, CEB seeks to partner with organizations that demonstrate alignment with CEB’s four firm values: Member Impact, the Spirit of Generosity, Force of Ideas, and Stewardship of Exceptional Talent. These values align closely with what Ashoka values most in Fellows, staff and partners.


With more than 2,100 attorneys in 26 offices around the world, Latham & Watkins LLP provides pro bono legal assistance to Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows globally in a wide spectrum of transactional, litigation, corporate and regulatory areas. By providing pro bono legal services to our organization and our social entrepreneurs, Latham & Watkins LLP takes an active role in our communities and makes public interest issues an integral part of their practice of law.

The success of our more than 20-year partnership is grounded in each organization's devotion to the collaborative process, which reaches across continents and draws upon an abiding commitment to promote the culture of pro bono globally, working towards a world in which all individuals and communities may access legal recourse, civil rights and equal protection under the law.


Since 1987, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has been transforming the lives of the entrepreneurs who transform the world. EO helps leading entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to experts.  Joining the work of Ashoka’s global network with EO members around the world we will bring business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs into opportunities for collaboration that will change their businesses and organizations, their communities, their families and themselves. 


Scoop.it is the leading content curation platform for marketing, demand generation and internal corporate knowledge sharing, serving non-profits, universities, and Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

Through a collaboration with Scoop.it, Ashoka is working to highlight its position as a thought leader in areas of social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and education for social change. The Scoop.it platform allows Ashoka to lead global conversations on subjects such as how businesses, government and the social sector can work together to create social impact, and how to prepare our children to be leaders and changemakers in the 21st century.

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Visit www.enterprise.scoop.it to learn more about our solutions for non-profits and corporations.