Nutrients For All

We see a pivotal pattern emerging among over 200 Ashoka Fellows on five continents: Social, environmental and economic benefits integrating in a complete economic cycle, with nutritional outcomes and cultural vitality as common threads.  The result is positive cycle of increasing nutrition and nourishment in both people and the land, often at substantial scale. We’ve been calling this a Nourishment Economy.

Pivotal Characteristics include:

  • Escalating vitality and resiliency in people and in the land
  • A sense of agency and opportunity among individuals and communities
  • Rapid emergence of social entrepreneurs in this field, signaling dynamic learning and innovation-in-action

Some Introductory Materials

Nourishment Economies Chart >>
Full Nutrition Value Chains 1-pager (July 2015) >>
Nutrient Value Chains 7-pager >>
60 Ashoka Fellows in the Nourishment Economy >>

Sample Collaborative Action and Funding Proposals

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<Schools that Nourish>

<Cities that Nourish: Innovation Labs>

<Soils, Social Entrepreneurs and Nourishment>

<Nourishment Metrics and Measurement>

<Linking Tradition and Innovation via Nourishment>

Ashoka priorities are now to (1) Accelerate this action by continuing to search for and elect emerging system-changing social entrepreneurs; (2) Help cultivate talented young people who understand these Nourishment Economy insights and examples as a powerful path for making change in their world; (3) Support nourishment-based governance protocols at all levels of society; and (4) Drive demand for full nutrition from consumers and health and wellness industries in a number of ways.

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