Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Ashoka’s Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Program (E2E) offers business leaders a full range of engagement opportunities with Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs around the globe

Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs Fellows are uniquely talented and dedicated individuals in nearly 80 countries on 6 continents who have created social enterprises that employ paradigm-shifting solutions to critical social problems.

Investing in, supporting or partnering with local social enterprises is good business for corporations and their leadership. Ashoka’s Fellows are pursuing workforce readiness and job creation, improved education and healthcare, self-governance networks, peaceful conflict resolution, protection of the environment and clean water. These efforts result in increases in social stability, health and welfare, disposable income, education, infrastructure development and sustainable environmental conditions.

Ashoka’s E2E Program actively seeks partnerships with business leaders and their organizations interested in investing in the citizen sector to bring about effective, lasting social change.

Ashoka Support Network (ASN)

E2E's Ashoka Support Network is a global community of successful business people who share our belief that entrepreneurs are the primary engine for economic and social development. They engage with Ashoka, committing time and resources to support the work of social entrepreneurs.

E2E’s Travel Experiences
Ashoka’s Travel Experiences offer leading business entrepreneurs the opportunity to visit Ashoka Fellows’ social enterprises around the world. Site visits can be arranged as additions to existing business or family trips, or organized as group trips with other business leaders to meet and learn about leading social entrepreneurs.

E2E’s Business Group Partnerships
Ashoka’s Group Partnerships involve business associations or philanthropic organizations whose members want to engage with, or gain exposure to, the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Ashoka arranges Fellow speakers at conferences, issue roundtables, and access to country directors’ expertise on markets and issues. We currently have partnerships with The Asia Society and The Young President’s Organization (YPO).