Join Our Team

Since Ashoka pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship in the 1980s, our team has continually redefined what it means to drive change and make an impact.  Today we're at a tipping point: the rate of change is accelerating, and the spirit of changemaking has never been more potent.

We're looking for talents to make our vision real by:

  • identifying and supporting entrepreneurs at the frontlines of pressing social issues;
  • arming the next generation with critical skills of empathy and changemaking;
  • shifting paradigms of how society values and nurtures innovation;
  • building Ashoka as an institution to sustain this change-driven world.

Our specific needs change constantly, but we hire throughout the year based on fit with our criteria: creative and effective leaders who have a history of making powerful ideas real.  View our hiring criteria here.  If this sounds like you, click below.

Click through the following pages for more specific opportunities:

  • Leadership opportunities for experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to propel the growth of Ashoka's work around the world.
  • Our list of staff openings to connect your skills and interests with Ashoka's needs.
  • A*Year is a year-long experience for early-career professionals: an opportunity to work at our office, grow with peers, and learn firsthand about the challenges and potentials of social innovation.
  • Internships give students and youth a chance to immerse themselves in social entrepreneurship through a summer or semester-long learning experience.
  • Volunteer opportunities allow anyone to support the work of Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows -- in person or remotely, in the US and abroad.