The Ashoka Network

Ashoka Fellows

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who we recognize to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and prove that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for change. Ashoka Fellows work in over 70 countries around the globe in every area of human need.

Ashoka Board

Ashoka’s Board of Directors serves the specific needs of both Ashoka and the social entrepreneurship movement. Membership requires deep understanding of and commitment to our vision and values and to our “everyone a collegial entrepreneur” culture.

Over half the board members are social entrepreneurs, and the others possess mastery of designing, leading and managing institutions. The board works closely together to contribute to Ashoka’s strategy and institutional evolution into an Everyone a Changemaker™ institution. The board also exercises financial control oversight.The Board of Directors

Ashoka Staff

Ashoka hires the highest caliber, creative leaders in the world. Ashoka’s staff selection process is modeled on its Fellow selection process and strives to deeply understand a person and his or her story, and – of course – to introduce a candidate to Ashoka’s story. A candidate can expect to speak with roughly five to ten Ashoka staff members through three phases of a selection process, including some of its senior leadership.

Ashoka Support Network

The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is an initiative of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Building on Ashoka’s vision for a world where Everyone is a Changemaker, the Ashoka Support Network is a global community of successful leaders in their own fields - men and women with a passion for creative and entrepreneurial change - who share Ashoka’s understanding that entrepreneurs are the primary engine for economic and social development. The Ashoka Support Network envisions a world where there will be no more walls between the citizen sector and any other sector. A world where leaders from all fields and social entrepreneurs work together to solve society’s most pressing social problems.

Changemaker Schools

Ashoka strives to make empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving (what we call changemaker skills) as valued in education as traditional academic skills, so that all students find their voices and can make a positive impact on the world. In order to achieve this goal, we created the Changemaker Schools Network, a national community of leading elementary schools that serve as models for cultivating these skills in students. Schools in the network share best practices with each other and benefit from opportunities to collaborate with other schools, connect with Ashoka's partners, present at conferences, and more.

Youth Venturers

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is an international community of young changemakers. Our community aims to help an entire generation of young people take initiative to improve their communities now and throughout their lives. Youth Venture inspires and supports teams of young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” - community-benefiting initiatives, clubs, organizations and businesses. Teams access workshops, adult allies (non-controlling adult team advisors), a global network of like-minded young changemakers, and fundraising tools to establish their own Ventures that solve problems around them.

Changemaker Campuses

Change your campus. Change the world.

Launched in 2008, Ashoka offers the Changemaker Campus designation to leading institutions in social innovation education. These institutions share the vision for higher education to become the next global driver of social change by transforming the educational experience into a world-changing experience.


A Vibrant Community

This Changemakers community convenes and connects high-potential changemakers, and their ideas and resources, through the power of collaborative competitions and partner networks. Connect here with other social innovators, entrepreneurs, funders, connectors, thought leaders, communicators, citizen sector organizations, and citizens to accelerate lasting social change.

Strategic Partners

Ashoka has forged strategic partnerships with leading global companies, to provide management, communications, finance, and other expertise to the citizen sector. In turn, Ashoka and its vast network share knowledge and opportunities with business partners, expanding the horizons of these pioneering businesses and the people who work for them. Together, our strategic partners support Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs in tens of countries, delivering millions of dollars of consulting services each year. But the partnerships’ true value is in enabling the flow of talent and resources between business and citizen sectors, accelerating innovation so that both sectors can solve their most pressing problems.